A bit about me

Hello and welcome to Better Life of Emily! I thought for my first ever blog post that I’d start by writing a bit about me, what I’m blogging about and ultimately made me decide to start blogging in the first place.
My name is Emily Nelson and I’m a 22yr old Track and Road cyclist on the Great Britain Cycling Team. I currently live in Manchester but I’m from Lichfield (in Staffordshire). I have a Labradoodle puppy named Maisie who lives with me and my parents have two Miniature Poodles and a Parson Terrier who we visit a lot. Between them all there is never a dull moment at my parents house- four dogs is borderline chaos! There’s always one that’s after cuddles though which you can’t say no too.

My life is very different from the majority of “lifestyle” bloggers. As an Elite cyclist my lifestyle is an unusual one and I constantly get questions about what I do, how I do it and why I do what I do! I’d love to be able to start answering some of these questions and give my readers an insight to the cycling world!
I have been cycling since I was about 13 and at the age of 16 I won my first World Championship title as a Junior. I moved out of my childhood home at aged 17 and starting living as a full time athlete. At 21 I won my first Elite World Championship title. That year I also raced in 5 different events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast for Team England, narrowly missing out on a medal with a 4th place.

Unfortunately, since then I have been struggling with injury. I have been training hard to get myself back up to where I was and ultimately better, before next summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. I have always dreamed of going to the Olympics, and currently I am dedicating all my time towards this. I train a lot and sleep a lot, but due to recovery protocols I end up sitting around a lot. I like reading, listening to podcasts or watching TV. In my free time I have also done a lot of research on environmental sustainability and ultimately “how do I become plastic-free?” and thought that this would be a great place to start sharing my discoveries and keep track of my eco journey. This is a subject I have become very passionate about and hope that I can encourage my readers to become more sustainable and help save our planet.

Although I am based in Manchester, I travel a lot. Internationally it can be for training camps or races and then the occasional holiday at the end of the season, but I also travel around the UK a lot for National races. I absolutely love to travel and explore new places. I always make an effort to get out of the hotel and go and explore the culture of a new place. I find it fascinating and would love to share my experiences with the World!
So what can you expect? In a nutshell my blogs will be about my lifestyle and travel. This means you will get insights in to life as an elite athlete who is travelling the world and my journey to becoming more environmentally sustainable all at once!
I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Any questions or ideas for a new blog then please feel free to email me, I’d love to hear about what you want to read!

Thanks for reading, Emily x

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